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You don’t want to rub it in their face, after all, while they might find it hard to take you seriously if they know that all you can think about are sunsets and long strolls on the beach.The problem with flirting at work is that romance often quickly dies down. But there’s also a good chance that it’s not going to go down that well.Fancying someone at work is way more common than you might think.In fact, as most of us spend the majority of our day in the office, falling for someone at work is often inevitable.Whether it’s you or the other person who breaks it off, you need to think if you’d be able to continue working together or if you’d need to start looking for a new job.Remember that you get paid for your work and, as such, you need to focus on making sure your work does not suffer just because you’re flirting with someone at work.If things are dead at work and you’re just waiting for time to pass, don’t start locking lips in bathrooms or supply closets, and instead ask your boss for more responsibilities.

You get caught and you do not want to have that discussion with your boss.

If you’ve never so much as opened your employee handbook, it may be time to do so now.

Understanding company policies about office flirting will help you protect yourself and your job.

Be honest with your boss about where your relationship is heading, but be prepared that they may be ready to take action against you that you won’t like.

If you’ve gone all heart emoji, you probably want to share your love with the world, but since you also probably have lots of colleagues on your social media accounts, you may want to keep things a bit more private.

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Most organisations have firm rules on intra-departmental romance, but your company may be on the cool side and may not care much about what employees do in their own time.