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The Total Identity Group consists five operating companies in Amsterdam (HQ), The Hague, Eindhoven and Belgium (Antwerp). Br(ikken is also a verb that stands for the connecting, pro-active mentality of the organization.In Germany (Berlin, Braunschweig and Bremen) and Korea (Seoul) we have representitives The name is Br(ik. And the name is in line with the core values of the organization: authenticity, personality and real time. November 26 we invited our relations for an evening full of inspiration and ideas.

Furthermore, employees connect the why, how, what, who & when in light of the past, the present, and the future.

The future of co-creation lies in personal customisation, whereby the process with the reader already exists in the development phase.

Actively involve clients and stakeholders in the process and develop the narrative together. , the virtual real estate community where work, knowledge, capital & networking come together. is a market-wide initiative by entrepreneur Hasse Dekker designed to unlock the real estate market.

What Bavaria has brought about over the past few months is not simply a rebranding.

The Swinkels family, which has run the brewery in Lieshout, Brabant for more than 300 years, wanted to get back to basics.

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More than 250 friends and colleagues were invited to join us to explore the latest development creations in the field of identity and branding.