American adult chat rooms

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American adult chat rooms

While these “daily” users grew by over 10 million Americans between March 2000 and December 2002, the proportion of all Internet users who go online on an average day remained slightly under 3 in 5 throughout 2002.Over time, levels of Internet experience have shifted as well.The least wired age group, those 65 and over, has come online slowly but steadily since 2000, and showed only negligible growth over the course of 20 — 20% of seniors were online in December 2002, and 22% reported use of the Internet in our August 2003 survey.Other demographics confirm the slowdown in Internet growth.According to Pew Research Center from 1995, 18% of adult men were online in America, while only 10% of adult women were Internet users.

Change has also occurred in the racial and ethnic composition of the Internet population.

In March 2000, 18% of Internet users had been online for 6 months or less, 21% had been online for 1 year, 33% for 2-3 years, and 28% had used the Internet for more than 3 years.

In contrast, our December 2002 data revealed that the large majority of online Americans had reached “veteran” status; just 1% had used the Internet for less than a year, 6% for about 1 year, 23% for 2-3 years, and 68% had been online for more than 3 years.

Though most online Americans still log on from home (87% of U. Internet users had access at home and 48% had access at work in our August 2003 survey), about a third are doing so with high-speed connections.

That translates to roughly 39 million American adults who now have some type of high-speed access at home (as of August 2003).

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This flattening trend appeared across all demographic groups and not just among those who were early adopters and have reached high penetration levels, such as upper-income and upper-education groups.