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No one gets a head start because they come from a sink estate, and there are no special lanes for recipients of free school meals. And the games are male or female (as are the bathroom facilities).

Chubsters are only permitted on the field bit to throw exceptionally heavy objects a long way, and everyone else looks impossibly hot on the track in spandex paired with a snazzy knee-high sock. Facebook's 71 gender options have no traction here.

The IAAF official position is that hyperandrogenic athletes should not compete unless they try to curb their naturally high testosterone levels with hormone treatment.

But it has faced legal challenges from female athletes who claim their high testosterone levels are 'entirely natural' and that the IAAF rule was 'discriminatory against women'.

On the same night that two-time-drug-cheat-Gatlin won, 'super mum' Jo Pavey was awarded her bronze medal ten years late. Having missed his 400 metres qualifier (because he was, apparently, busy kneeling at God's telephone in his hotel bathroom) the IAAF medical committee decided he would not be allowed to run the 200 metres qualifier either, despite his bloods coming up virus free.

Ten years, earlier in Osaka, the IAAF gave another drug cheat, Elvan Abeylegesse, the silver, although they didn't know it at the time. In a bureaucratic whirl, the IAAF issued him with a certificate declaring that he had the norovirus, which can remain contagious for at least a day after the symptoms of nausea and vomiting subside.

Where second is no longer seen as last and rounders teams are pre-selected so fat Sarah doesn't have to feel the shame of her size. My mate's brown Labrador swims better than that (and poor Barney has chronic cataracts.)But if I thought the World Championships were going to restore my faith in sport and humanity at large, I was wrong.

At a recent school swim gala an utterly clueless but otherwise able-bodied child gave up after half a length and exited the pool to thunderous applause from the School Parent Committee lunatics.'She did well to get in the water.''It was brave to stop when she did.'I pulled an inexplicably tight plastic swim hat over my face to hide my frustration. Of course I was here to see Bolt run and win his last 100 metres before retirement.

Her tactic was to conserve her energy rather than actually jump the damn bar.It was billed as an historic moment, and we all came to watch the fastest man on the planet run faster than any other man on the planet for one last time. In true gladiatorial style the crowd hissed and booed, hoping, it seemed, for savage lions to come rushing from pits to tear him limb from limb in pursuit of justice (for Bolt) and entertainment (for us).Instead we were forced to watch Justin Gatlin show just how much faster a man can run who has cheated with drugs and got caught. When they failed to show, Sebastian Coe, now President of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation), turned up and gave him a gold medal instead.'Droopy' Johnson-Thompson is quite possibly the only person on the planet capable of making Andy Murray seem positively enthusiastic. If all that hadn't quelled your lust for the purity of sport, thankfully Caster Semenya was on hand to show the world how to be a true women's champion.All it takes are levels of testosterone three times higher than is expected in women due to hyperandrogenism, no womb or ovaries, and internal testes because of a chromosomal abnormality.

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