Auctiva scrolling gallery not updating

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Auctiva scrolling gallery not updating

Carlo has 16 years of experience selling on e Bay and is a former e Bay Titanium Power Seller.

UPDATE January 2017: this second edition has been completely reviewed and revised, with three new tips added.

If you have been an old school e Bay seller and your sales have never been the same since then, you have probably not changed your listing style to accommodate the needs of Cassini.

Prior to Cassini was “Voyager,” and with Voyager the typical seller strategy was to make multiple listings with different keywords in the title and item specifics.

Some businesses lost half of their revenue over the next few days after Top-rated seller status was put into place.Long story short, most businesses had to change the way they operated to be successful on e Bay.There were numerous other changes from 2008-2012, the most significant would probably be “Top-rated” seller status.e Bay likely put these policies into place for several reasons, including: In a nutshell, Cassini wants to deliver products to buyers at the best price, from the seller who can provide the best service.e Bay buyers search for the keyword and then they will use the refine feature (on mobile) or start choosing item specifics on the left side (on desktop) to help narrow down the listing even further.

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