Bishop noel jones dating 2016

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Bishop noel jones dating 2016

“Many significant Bible characters were not married.

I heard the rumors that they had been dating, but all doubt was removed watching this show,” explained our source.

Remarriage is really a great issue from a scriptural viewpoint,” he explained. Jesus said you make yourself a eunuch for the Kingdom of God’s sake.” “I was married for 22 years and I’m one of those guys who’s divorced and is particularly afraid of being married again,” he continued.

The rumors were, Bishop Noel and Lisa Raye had been privately dating for some time and Bishop Noel finally ask Lisa Raye to marry him.

There were even reports of the couple shopping a reality show to the networks called “Keeping up with the Joneses.” I received several phone calls and e-mails over the Thanksgiving holiday to confirmed the reports, well Lisa Raye has finally release a statement addressing the rumors:“Let me put an end to this: People have us dating, engage and running off to get married and I’m not doing ANY of the above,” Lisa Raye said.

“I made a brief stop at his church and I attend his church because I’ve been in search of a church home.

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That just means that there's some compatibility," Bishop Jones stated on the aftershow after being questioned by Bishop Ron Gibson and his wife Lavette.