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Black speed dating orlando

I also said that you could use 75W90, 80W90, or 85W90, depending on weather. In the past I recommended you use ONLY a quality GL5 oil in your Airhead transmission; preferably in grade 80W90 for most conditions.I recommend that you NOT use any additive if your transmission is filled with synthetic oil.One such additive is made by Dow Corning and sold, $$$$, by bearing sales companies.If you wish to think about this in a different way, imagine the oil is rated at 80W20000, & THINK about what that means.Thus, at most any temperature you will be riding at, even after a full warm-up, the oil is thicker, a lot thicker.How this happens is a property of the base oils & additives.Using a thicker (higher viscosity) PETROLEUM oil (than the stock 80, 90, or 80W90) ending in 120 or 140 or 145, will take the transmission operation out of the design operating area, as far as gears & parts speeding up & slowing down during shifting due to oil friction, etc, thus gear changing up & down can be different, and may give problems.

There are oils available that replace the "90" with 120 or even 145.There is no question in my mind, that HIGH QUALITY SYNTHETIC GL5-rated oils will, or can, PROLONG the life of your transmission (& rear drive).That does not mean that they should always be used.While there can be other causes that a change to a thicker oil will not help, in this instance you CAN try the thicker oil, such as 85W140 or similar.My present recommendation is that, if you want to, you may use a synthetic gear oil of good quality.

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  1. On my way to meet Isaac Kornbluh, who runs the Schomrim neighbourhood patrol (the word means 'guardians’) in the Haredi Jewish enclave in Stamford Hill, I managed to misplace his address and found myself lost.