Bpd dating stories Sex dating site ireland

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Bpd dating stories

You're hearing about the repercussions of someone living with acute levels of this disorder.

This probably isn't the best or most admirable way to exit this relationship, but the sad reality is, it might be your safest and most sound option.

Prostate problems, heart conditions, blood disorders, herpes breakouts, migraine headaches, glaucoma and cancer are just a few of the souvenirs guys have retained from these couplings, regardless of how physically powerful they were before they met their BPD tormentor.

One of my ex's married a Borderline--and twelve years later, he was diagnosed with a Parkinson's-type neurological disease.

I know this part feels lousy, because you're having to experience your own inner pain or emptiness that you've tried to As long as a BPD ex holds onto your belongings, they're able to retain a part of YOU.

Surrendering your 'stuff' can mean to him or her that it's really over.

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It's in direct proportion to hanging-out with someone who's unstable, dysfunctional and living on the of leaving, they develop life-threatening diseases that ultimately force their departure by death.

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