Carbon 14 dating denotes the

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Carbon 14 dating denotes the

Adamski claimed he secretly visited Pope John XXIII and passed on a message from the extraterrestrials to him shortly before the Pope's death.

Leslie was subsequently able to confirm Adamskis did meet Pope John XXIII and was given a papal gold medallion for his service.

The video gives credence to Adamskis claims of having secret meetings with European dignitaries including Pope John XXIII and members of the Pentagon to secretly brief them about extraterrestrial life.

Among the more controversial of Adamskis claims is that he privately met with President Kennedy in late 1961.

The video contains a number of interviews with individuals that personally knew Adamski and were privy to the unique circumstances of his alleged contacts with extraterrestrials.

, a former Royal Air Force pilot, Irish Lord and cousin to Winston Churchill, related his own investigation of Adamski.

Adamski claims he passed on a message from his extraterrestrial contacts about a future world crisis.

If true, Adamski and his extraterrestrials played an unknown role in advising Kennedy on the best strategy for future events such as the Cuban missile crisis.

Adamski told Rodeffer that they were part of a human looking contingent of extraterrestrials living among humanity.A second set of circumstantial evidence concerns that claims that Kennedy knew, while serving in the U. Congress, about UFO crashes and the recovery of alien bodies.As a former Naval Intelligence officer, Kennedy was deemed reliable to receive such highly classified information.Peterson had arranged lectures for Adamski in Scandinavia and personally saw flying saucers during Adamskis visits. Ordinance Department and possessed his own ordnance pass.Adamskis claim of having an ordnance pass which gave him access to U. military facilities was confirmed by William Sherwood. Sherwood saw Adamskis Ordinance pass thereby giving credence to Adamskis claims that he secretly briefed the Pentagon about his extraterrestrial contacts.

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If Adamski did regularly brief the Pentagon and European VIPs, then it's very possible that one or more U. Presidents also met with him, and received messages from extraterrestrials.