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Chinese dating show if you one

“This was the first time a Western-looking man achieved that.” There might be hope yet for single Australians looking for romance on their favorite Chinese dating show.

Tom Gorrie is more famous than our last three Prime Ministers, Acropolis Now and Powderfinger combined, statistically speaking.

Each girl chooses whether to keep a light on for the man, which indicates her interest in him.

After a series of rounds introducing their prospective beau, the pool whittles down to one or two. But fortune shined her golden happiness rays upon Melbourne’s Tom, who successfully wooed one of 24 equally gorgeous and fussy females away to a Potemkin village of G-rated love.

I know dating companies run websites that offer pre-auditions for the show. A film crew will be coming over within 48 hours.” They filmed my short little introduction clip. My start in rap happened when I lived in Harbin and I went to this club. When did you start experimenting with rapping in Mandarin?

And considering China’s rap game is just pocket chess compared to the western hemisphere, it might not prove that hard.

He gave me an audition, and I just rapped a Cypress Hill song from memory. I asked a DJ who lived at the bottom of my apartment building to produce a song with me before I went on. He arranged a meeting with a music producer, who was like, ‘Yep, this is a project I want to get in on.’ A week after meeting this guy, I’m in a recording studio to record [introduction track] ‘I Am Happy’.

The lyrics include, “I come from Australia, I’m here to find a girlfriend…” — that kind of thing. The crowd and the host reacted like they were shell-shocked. They liked it, but it was just so surprising for them.

Chinese hip-hop is very new; it’s like the American scene in the ’70s. The lyrics of my song are more sophisticated than 90% of the Mandarin hip-hop that’s out there. I just want more opportunities to sing songs, and build my rap career.

Given the chance to dive into Oz hip-hop, would you? I’d have to become, hands down, the best Aussie rapper ever to get this far.

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You’d need to live in an Australia with threefold the population and seven times the tabloid current affairs programs to experience that level of scrutiny.

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