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Uber was brought down to size yesterday when a court ruled it was a transport company and not a digital service.

In a major blow to the taxi-hailing firm, European judges effectively ordered it to ‘play by the same rules as everybody else’.

These include payment of farm subsidies and EU administration fees which could continue after we have officially left the union until 2020.

Though the net bill will be lower than €100bn (£84bn) once the UK's rebate is taken into account, the gross amount paid will be significantly more than the €60bn (£50.6bn) charge originally proposed by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in February, according to the .

Hardline Brexiteers have claimed they will get a good deal from the EU without making many concessions and have said it is perfectly possible to walk away without a deal whatsoever.

It is designed to cover legally binding budget commitments already made by the UK.

Pro-Brexit campaigners and ministers have urged Ms May to refuse to pay anything towards the EU as they leave.

Ms May ramped up the rhetoric earlier this week when she claimed Mr Juncker would see she is “a bloody difficult woman” – referring to a comment made about her by former Justice Secretary Ken Clarke during her brief leadership campaign last summer.

It comes after a German newspaper reported that in the wake of a meeting with the Prime Minister, Mr Juncker phoned Angela Merkel and said Ms May lives “in another galaxy” and is “deluding herself” over Brexit.

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In Austria - viewed as expensive, the cost per mile is 33p according to a survey by Vouchercloud.

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