Dating for attractive and successful people brazil dating in san diego

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Adventures, experiences, fun & passion are all amazing dimensions of any balanced successful relationship – also on Rich Meet Beautiful®.

The women of our generation have become far more independent than their predecessors.

When exploring the developments of modern-day woman, you have to look into her counterpart: man.

In ancient times, and by ancient I mean prior to the 1980s, men's idea of a perfect woman was one-dimensional.

The female workforce has greatly evolved, achieving places of power and success.

Looking out onto Main Street, one can behold twenty-first century Rosie the Riveters exiting town cars into granite and glassbuildings in Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins.

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Though successful men are not usually so public about their emotions, a bad breakup is seen as a scarlet letter to their circle of friends or colleagues.