Dating old photographs 1850 paloma 19 dating profiles

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Here are direct links to the sections dedicated to the time since photography was possible: 1830s | 1840s | 1850s | 1860s | 1870s | 1880s | 1890s |1900s | 1910s | 1920s | 1930–1945| 1945–1959 | 1960s.

The help of some clues could, however bring together the pieces of puzzle together to form a picture that could decipher the stories of the ancestors.

Pay attention to details and you can date old photos accurately.

Also, it is important to look at the packaging material of the photograph carefully, the date of issue could be found on the envelopes containing the photographs.

These can provide clues as to the date and era of the photo.

Wikipedia provides a detailed collection of articles surrounding the various eras of clothing fashion.

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It is advisable to check on the back of the photographs for the photographer’s name or the imprint as a clue to dig for further information.

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