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Dating saudi federations

ROMÁN OYARZUN MARCHESI () said that the Council, through the resolution, had made its resolve clear to all parties.He underscored the need for an inclusive dialogue based on political consensus towards resolving the crisis, leading to a democratic transition led by the Yemeni people themselves.The representative of Jordan, Council President for April, said, however, that the adoption of the resolution under Chapter VII was a clear and firm signal to the Houthis and all those supporting them to comply with their obligations.Stressing the regional ramifications of the escalating conflict, she stated that the Council was prepared to consider any additional measures required.The security and stability of Yemen was in the interest of the world; the United Kingdom would use all tools in its disposal towards that end.VITALY CHURKIN () said his delegation had abstained because the resolution was not fully in line with what was required by the crisis in Yemen.The Council had for months demanded that the parties in Yemen proceed with the agreed upon political transition, the representative of the United States recalled.In response, however, the Houthis had intensified their military actions, threatening the country’s and region’s security.

He applauded the response of the Gulf Cooperation Council to the crisis as consistent with the imperative of preserving Yemen’s Constitution and rebuffing Iran’s designs.

Reaffirming the need for all parties to ensure the safety of civilians, the Council called on parties to facilitate the evacuation by concerned States and international organizations of their civilians and personnel from Yemen.

The resolution requested the Secretary-General to report on the implementation of the resolution within 10 days.

Imposing sanctions on individuals it said were undermining the stability of Yemen, the Security Council today demanded that all parties in the embattled country, in particular the Houthis, immediately and unconditionally end violence and refrain from further unilateral actions that threatened the political transition.

Adopting resolution 2216 (2015) by 14 affirmative votes to none against, with one abstention (Russian Federation), the Council also demanded that the Houthis, withdraw from all areas seized during the latest conflict, relinquish arms seized from military and security institutions, cease all actions falling exclusively within the authority of the legitimate Government of Yemen and fully implement previous Council resolutions.

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Explaining his delegation’s decision to abstain, the representative of the Russian Federation said the text failed to take into account proposals his country had made, refused to call on all sides to halt fire and lacked clarity on a humanitarian pause.