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Dating service north east pennsylvania

The Swedes made their settlement along creeks and traveled by water.

By the 1660s the Swedes had established farms and a grist mill along the Frankford Creek.

Washingtons troops stopped there to rest in the orchards behind the inn.

The inn was the stop for the stagecoaches running between Philadelphia and New York until the 1850s.

The first building was erected in 1684 on a site now bordered by Waln and Unity Streets.

The brick and stone building now standing on the site dates from 1775 and is the oldest meeting house in the city. He suffered persecution for his Quaker beliefs and left England after purchasing 750 acres from Penn in the Manor of Frank He arrived in Pennsylvania in June 1682.

Home of Stephen Decatur, Father of Commodore Stephen Decatur. Waln Street Meeting - circa 1775, Waln and Unity Streets. The present building dating from 1775 is the oldest meeting house in Philadelphia. There was a trail at Frankford Avenue before the English settlers arrived.

14700 Townsend Road Philadelphia, PA 19154-1096 Telephone: 215-305-2044 Fax: 215-305-2038 Email: [email protected]: Philadelphia Monday through Friday, am – pm Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays.

The Jolly Post Inn on the Frankford Road remained an important stop on the road between Philadelphia and New York for 150 years.

Members of the Continental Congress traveling from New England to Philadelphia conducted a secret meeting at the Inn to determine how to approach the idea of independence with their more conservative southern neighbors.

Henry Waddy died on September 20, 1864 less than a month after his wife. It was described at that time as land with houses, barns, orchards, gardens, fence, enclosures, and improvements thereon.

It is a remarkable comment upon Waddys industry considering the area was wilderness just 18 years earlier.

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The ballroom on the second floor was the scene of social and community events until its demolition in 1911.

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  1. But it's another disparity that dominates the picture: Carved into the roof's rough wood is a large star in the style of the distelfinks Amish farmers hang on their barns in Pennsylvania's Dutch country.