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Posted by / 02-Aug-2017 10:43

There are thousands of psychics out here and they advertise live readings and/or recorded astrology predictions.You have to keep trying until you find someone reliable.

We can see how they work and what money is made from them.

Popular TV shows such as American Idol and X Factor allow you to vote for your favorite performer.

Avid fans of such shows ring up numerous times to vote and this all clocks up more money for the companies that do the advertising.

Many websites exist and new ones are still being created to promote this niche so the market is still there.

It’s also ironic that even though online dating is popular, it’s bombarded with spam, fake profiles, and automated software (called bots) that exchanges basic question/answers, then directs visitors to a promotional link for example, and all this turns people off.

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So the niche still exists and though smaller than in decades past, it’s survival is ironically still thanks to the internet.