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I think my enthusiasm for travel petered out somewhere around February when I first moved to China. Traveling hasn’t been quite so easy for me – especially given my lack of Mandarin skills and my love for personal space.In the past eight months, I’ve managed only a handful of trips outside of Wuxi despite having more than enough vacation time and, you know, the fact that I’m actually making cash-money these days. Okay, maybe it to fish for my dinner, but it’s nice to know that I have that option, you know? Seeing as I work in China, my only time to travel has been during the weekends, national holidays and breaks from school – which also happens to be the exact same time that everybody else in China is traveling. And when they’re all traveling at once, well, let’s just say, things can get pretty cramped pretty quickly.Functioning as a committee of the Youth Service Bureau Board, the Council meets the second Monday of every month at p.m. Our personal safety educator provides annual personal safety classes to our county elementary schools for children Kindergarten through 6th grade.Each year the children receive information about how they can protect themselves and who they should tell if they believe they are being abused.In Japan, I went away almost every chance that I got. Because, uh, isn’t that how you want to spend your three-day weekend? ) But these days it seems like I can’t even muster up the enthusiasm to take the hour-long train ride to Shanghai.I had my travel agent on speed dial, and I participated in more than a few late-night plane ticket impulse buys. This upcoming week, I have the entire week off for the National Day holidays, but I’m not planning on going anywhere… (This, by the way, is daunting enough in itself as it involves me flinging myself into a crowded public bus in the hopes that both of my kidneys will stay intact.) I’ve been pretty reluctant to confess how I’ve been feeling over the past year, to be honest – especially to all of you out there. This is one of those long, drawn out breakups — you know, the kind that take months.(But, hey, with airports named Muko-Muko, you’re pretty sure it’s going to be a fun country! It’s the one that gives you butterflies in your stomach the day before a big trip.The one that makes you walk around a new town with a ridiculous grin on your face like you’re in love… (And you’re pretty sure, given the looks the locals have been shooting at you, everyone in town is placing their bets on lunatic.) To be perfectly honest, I haven’t really had that travel feeling for some time now. But traveling in China is a totally different ball game than living here.

Instead, I’ve always preferred the expat lifestyle – the one that lets me travel around in my free time without giving up my couch, my cable television and my collection of shoes.I think one of the reasons why I’ve lost my enthusiasm for traveling is, well, because I’m tired of doing it on my own, to be honest.In Japan, I used to travel a lot with friends, but after I left Japan I spent almost a year going solo.I’ve even been enjoying my time off from traveling — even if I’m a little ashamed to admit it.So what should you do when you’ve lost that travel feeling?

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