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Denmark dating marriage

The nation’s egalitarian nature holds everyone in the same esteem - rich or poor, woman or man - and offers state support to all.Due to this, Danish men are free to express themselves without sacrificing their masculinity; they openly discuss their emotions and are very tender and caring with their significant others.Are the requirements the same everywhere in Denmark? There are an infinite number of variations in people’s documents and circumstances, and the local authorities have to rely on common sense to interpret the requirements and regulations.We are fortunate that we have such a close working relationship with the authorities here on Aeroe, and that we can often work with them to find practical, sensible and legal solutions to some tricky problems.In particular, most countries want to be sure that any marriage is genuine, that the couple will be living together as man and wife, and that they can support themselves financially.None of our couples (as far as we know) has had any serious problems with this so far. It depends on the country in which you live, but usually you need to take your new wedding certificate to the local authorities where you live.I can only confirm that with us it worked quite well: in Switzerland the marriage has been registered as a civil partnership with an option to “upgrade” it to a marriage when the laws allow it; the US system was extremely welcoming and asked no big questions to register us as a married couple.

You are required to say yes, and you may exchange rings if you would like to. After the witnesses and registrar have signed the ofinal paperwork you are married! The registry office is a pleasant, modern office and many couples enjoy getting married there.

Yes, as long as same-sex marriage is legal and recognised where you want to live. And some countries like Germany, which recognise civil partnerships, allow you to register your Danish marriage as a partnership.

But there are a number of countries where it is not only not recognised but actually punishable so we try and make sure our couples know of any risks, and then try and be discrete if that helps in their particular situation.

If LGBT marriage is not legal where we live can we still get married with you?

Absolutely – same sex or LGBT marriage is legal and welcomed in Denmark wherever you are from.

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This is due to a change in the Danish marriage law in 2006. We have had couples from all over the world, including some who have had lost documents or other problems. The only country which has a problem (and that’s with any marriage overseas, not Denmark in particular) is Laos.

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