Describing myself for a dating site

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Here’s who the men get matched up with: Again, men tend to get paired up with women of the same type: Spock men, in particular, really tend to pair up with Spock women.(As a Spockish woman who earned degrees in physics and computer science, I can attest to this phenomenon.) But Romeo men pair up with Spock women too — so the attraction is mutual, substantiating the 8,000 romantic comedies where the passionate guy gets with the smart girl — and Snow White men pair up with Hufflepuff women.In fact, one in ten Americans have used an online dating site or app, and one-third of married couples in the United States meet online.But, on behalf of those of us still "single and looking" online, I have to ask, Sarah Gooding, dating coach at Plenty Of Fish, tells us that it may be that your online profile could use some work.Online dating is no longer the happy couple's dirty secret.

Just as well, because I don’t think Spock and Snow White would work out; Vulcans don’t like singing squirrels.For example: AVOID WORDS LIKE "SOUL MATE," "TRUE LOVE," AND "MARRIAGE." Not to be confused with stating your intent (see tip #5), these particular words tell a potential date that you may have unrealistic expectations early on, or that you are so eager to be in a relationship you may be willing to settle. If you have trouble listing these off, ask a friend to describe you.The more you beef up your interest list, the better equipped the site’s matching algorithm will be to match you with like-minded singles.What type of lover you are matters: it influences who e Harmony’s algorithm matches you up with.Using a million e Harmony matches, we looked at how often each type of lover got matched up with the other types.

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This is especially true for men: Plenty Of Fish's most recent research study found that men who say they want a relationship receive 38 percent more messages than the average single male within the same sample group.