Direct chatting room

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Direct chatting room

, alongside Jon Bernthal and, at that point, the relatively unknown Tom Holland, who you’ve probably heard of by now due to his current web swinging antics across cinema screens.It’s been a two year wait for to hit these shores since then, but it’s finally out on disc and digital download and adds another fine villain to Richard Armitage’s roster, while providing an exhilaratingly violent and gritty quest across 13th century Ireland, when a group of monks try to keep a sacred relic safe from various undesirables.Raymond was a bastard, for want of a better word, so do you look for sympathy within the villainous characters you’ve played, to help find empathy? I mean really empathy is the word you sort of go into it with, you somehow have to put yourself within the shoes of a character and try to understand why they are behaving and why they are thinking and feeling the way that they do.To an extent, with someone like Raymond, there’s such an ambition in him and he’s been raised in a paternal society where war is the only reason to exist. Where I’ve been writing over the last decade about homegrown historic, brutal films such as , they’re all great films and ones that I’ve loved, but I always wonder why they never get the recognition they deserve.I wanted to protect people, but at the same time I didn’t just want people to only say nice things.As an actor you get very used to constructive criticism and sometimes brutal - just getting savaged by the critics!War and dominance and occupation has been, from the cradle, everything he’s known and his father is now in decline. So he see’s the relic as something that’s going to elevate him and give him like a golden ticket to gain favour with his king and I think that’s all he sees, he doesn't see a life beyond that. I do wonder if the brutality of the past is too much for some people, but wondered if you had any thoughts on that?

Probably Bitcoin is the current version of a relic, you know? I don’t have a massive teenage following, although did bring me a lot of younger audience.’ Did you have a name for his torturous, gut twisting arrow? I feel like the society of the time was more brutal than what we’d probably like to admit, but it is interesting to see it up there as a reference point for that part of history. I’d rather look at that, than the rose coloured version. I think from what I can gather that it’s not going to be released until next summer - I think there is a bit of work to do and also Warner Brothers wanted to slate the release of the film, so I don’t think we are going to see it this year. There was one night when we were sat - we were doing a night shoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and we were all sat in a holding room and there was Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, just sat down singing songs. I didn't quite realise that the film was as far along as it was, then having a look at the full cast I was in awe. And they got incredible guest artists to come and join for that one event in the Metropolitan Museum part.I didn't actually, but I should have thought of something! It wasn't lost on me that a film set all that time ago still resonates with everything that’s happening at the moment. There were incredible celebrities who showed up to play themselves.You know, movies for example, how much they hated it yet they’ll watch every single one of them and continue to tell you how much they hated it![laughs] I feel like that if you hate this so much, then just go and watch something else.

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I think there is also a need to sway people to hate it too and that’s the thing I can’t deal with.

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