Federal law mandating

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Federal law mandating

OSC investigators said even if that was what happened, it still violated the law.

Employers must maintain records of paid sick time, accrued and used, for at least four straight years, Johnsen added. For example, while the new law does not mandate that employees be paid for unused sick time when they leave or are fired, the employer's policy on this matter should be clearly stated in writing, Bohr said.Employers have limited rights to ask workers why they're taking time off.The law allows paid leave for various reasons besides an actual sickness or injury.While employers typically will need to grant time off when requested, workers must make "good faith" and "reasonable" efforts to give advance notice and not "unduly disrupt the operations" of a business or non-profit, Johnsen added.The terms cited above haven't yet been defined and — like some other aspects of the law — might not be clarified for a year or two.

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Penalties and damages await companies that ignore the new law.