Female slave chat bot

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If such a design is emblematic of both the creator and the consumer, the story the on-line chatbot reveals about both him and us is utterly depressing.

But as the whole cynical function of the chatbot is simply to lure some lonely fellow to deposit another coin in the slot, the form and function may be perfectly aligned.

Log onto any adult “friend-finder” website – I have and, believe me, I can report here that it is not pretty – pay a modest fee, and you can start conversing with any number of perky paramours or ingénues anxious to draw you into conversation, almost all certainly more software than soft touch.

Presumably the chatbot is designed to conform to a set of predetermined desires – selected from a seemingly random list of radio-buttoned “turn-ons” – but even radically changing profiles, intentionally adopting distinct personae, does little to disrupt the litany of prefabricated come-ons: Come chat :) Come say hello Don't be shy! That seems to be the pinnacle of engagement and the level of cyber-discourse plummets from there.

The current state designed response is perhaps most prevalent now in the preprogrammed text responses utilized by on-line chatterbots.

The feminine voice is the ghost in the machine, present but unapproachable.

She takes the form of PA announcements, pre-recorded messages, answering machine messages, interactive voice response agents, and automated telephone operators.

All this brings up, of course, Alan Turing’s famous test, proposed in his 1950 text “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” designed to detect the efficacy of artificial intelligence.

Turing imagined a system not so different from the chatbot experience: he dictated the conversation must be text-only so as to eliminate the influence of vocalization.

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Every manifestation, every utterance, every gesture, outs us.

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