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Cover the bread with a piece of plastic wrap that you’ve sprayed generously with non-stick cooking spray. If you don’t spray the plastic wrap, the dough sticks to it.After an hour or so, the dough should have doubled in size. While it seems like the higher the rise, the higher the bread, this isn’t true.One other note about salt: when salt is in direct contact with yeast, it will kill the yeast. You want to add the salt to the flour mixture and whisk everything together. Two tablespoons of fat help to soften the texture of this bread.This distributes the salt and keeps the yeast happy. What’s baking powder doing in a yeast bread recipe?! For this bread, any liquid oil, like olive, canola, or vegetable, works. With these problems, what’s a gluten-free eater to do? I’ve baked my own gluten-free sandwich bread for over a decade. Cup for cup, millet offers twice as much fiber as brown rice flour. In “How to Cook Gluten-Free“, I used potato starch. Wheat and other grains contain a starch called amylopectin. When combined with a liquid and heated, this starch gelatinizes. If you’ve ever made a stovetop pudding, you’ve seen this happen. The reason I reached for tapioca starch for this recipe is because it adds an almost gluten-like stretch to recipes. Gluten, which comes from the Latin word for “glue”, provides elasticity and strength to traditional wheat-based doughs. It’s easy to make and comes out perfectly every time. Homemade recipes save you money but are often dense–and depending on the recipe dry or gummy. In “Easy Gluten-Free Baking“, my sandwich bread used corn starch. It bakes up lighter than both corn starch (which can get a little heavy) and potato starch (which is light but doesn’t add much stretch). (deep breath) Usually the follow-up question to, “Elizabeth, how do I make bread? ”Simply put, you need xanthan gum because gluten isn’t present in the dough.You don’t need to find a special spot for the bread. It’s important to preheat your oven before you bake your bread.

For about six months or so I’ve been working on this recipe. Made from a microorganism called , xanthan gum becomes very viscous and sticky when combined with water.

Fill the cup and squat down to eye level to make sure you have two cups of water.

Holding the cup in the air or looking down at it can result in inaccurate measuring.

When dough rises too high, it can collapse during baking. The best place to allow dough to rise is on the counter.

If your kitchen is very cold, throw the pan in the oven (be sure the oven is off).

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You have two good options for accurate measuring: Using a kitchen scale is the most accurate way to measure ingredients. BAKER’S NOTE: Don’t confuse nested measuring cups with a liquid measuring cup.