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"We are monitoring the area in front of the oak because of leprechaun activity there in recent weeks and months." More » Strange things are said to go on at the Knickerbocker Hotel, located in Linesville, Pennsylvania.Visitors have reported hearing voices, seeing things move, or just having a very weird feeling in the place.If you’re looking to enhance your cruise vacation from Galveston, come a day early to explore the island’s many attractions and take advantage of hotel parking programs.

Hampton Inn & Suites Offered: Year-round Contact: Notes: Please contact property for applicable rates during your cruise.

The site provides some screen captures that seem to have caught something unusual.

More » Not in the mood to capture a ghost on your computer? The Leprechaun Watch webcam is set up is a hidden location in a field somewhere in Ireland, straddling the border of a "fairy ring" and the Coogan's ancestral farm.

The webcam broadcasts live from a print room on one floor of the mill. They also have an actual recording of Helena singing, which was made just three months before her death. More » The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana, they say, is haunted by "the Gray Lady." The apparition was first seen in 1937 when the library's janitor caught a glimpse of the veiled spectre in the basement.

Since then, several other staff members have seen the ghost, smelled the scent of her perfume, and on numerous occasions turned off faucets that the spirit had turned on.

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More » The views seen on this page are, they say, from 18 webcams set up in a 100 -year-old Victorian house. "The people who lived here were also real at one time, and I am doing my best to find out who they were, and what their lives were like, and if it is they who visit the house.