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Free live streaming sex chat no registration

You’re not going to have a show premiering every week. We’re looking to do three or four series in the first year and move forward with that. Whether we land something else inside of this year, I can’t comment on yet.

I can see us growing incrementally off that three or four, but it’s not gonna be 50 series in the next few years. But we have an idea that in ’18, it won’t just be those.

Did it lead to a surge in subscribers, or break records in terms of audience?

Yeah, we’re not going to disclose subscriber numbers or viewership numbers. Or are you just competing to get people’s attention? It’s just trying to get consumers’ attention in general.

We’re literally talking about less than 4 percent coming in to subscribe to hit our goal by 2020. And like I noted, consumers are already paying for a premium version of ABC, NBC, and Fox when they buy Hulu.

A lot of TV industry folks think we may see those networks eventually start their own version of CBS All Access, too.

CBS All Access was essentially part of our answer to not joining Hulu with our first-run content.

So what does this all mean for current (and potential) All Access subscribers?I think our goal of getting to 4 million subscribers by 2020 is a very reasonable goal for the percentage of audience we think will pay.I mean, there are 100 million cable-television households, and 118 million overall television households.But this idea they have not participated in this [subscription] market? We felt that our brand was always strong enough, and we did not want it to be diminished by being wrapped into another brand, and essentially eliminated.So it’s part of our vision to have that CBS brand be a brand into the future, one everyone recognizes for the type of content and things that we put out there.

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But what I will say is, we were very pleased with the results of the first half of a week or two-thirds of a week. The press reaction has been phenomenal, they’ve been recognizing that it is a great show. And we’re very excited about the content, the creators, the actors, all coming together. Who would you say the main competition is for All Access? We have 160 million people on our sites and apps every month across all of those properties, and specifically for All Access, you’re fighting a little bit more for that premium attention.