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My father was fond of ceremonial worship in which he was very regular. I ascended them step by step the hard way; but at every stage I experienced God coming into my life and lifting me easily to the next stage.

I may boldly say that I began to perceive the realities behind what we call life on earth.The horrors of the past and possible wars, and the consequent suffering, touched the minds of people.It was not difficult to see that the pains of mankind were mostly brought on by its own deeds. Thus did God come into my life to remove the veil of caste distinctions. I learnt fencing from a teacher who belonged to a low caste. I could go to him only for a few days before I was made to understand that it was unbecoming of a caste-Brahmin to play the student to an untouchable. One moment I felt that the God whom we worshipped in the image in my fathers worship room had jumped over to the heart of this untouchable. So I immediately went to him with flowers, sweets and clothes and garlanded him, placed flowers at his feet and prostrated myself before him.

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