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As the night wore on, people started to wonder back to their tents. The guys realized they weren’t going to get me into their tent, so they disappeared. Was sitting there with my own thoughts when from the lake walked Brad. But he was the guy that built the fire, always seen him coming out of the woods with more fire wood. I smiled and waved at him, he came up and asked what I was still doing up, so I told him about my tent and my inability to go to it now. I didn’t say anything, figured he would be done soon. He moved a hand right to my breasts, fondling them, as he pulled my bikini top down below them. I reached behind my neck and untied the top of my bikini. The added wetness really allows him to go faster, harder.

Everyone was sitting around the fire, talking, telling jokes, getting drunk. There were a few guys up drinking, and naturally they all tried to get me to sleep with them. But I was worried about where I was going to sleep, at least it was still warm out, muggy actually. I don’t think he said a dozen words to anyone all day. He pushes it lower and inserts a finger inside my hot wet pussy. I’m so horny it doesn’t take long for me to start to cum.

This is a true story about a camping trip I was on last summer. All of us were college students, out for a good time. He pulls out of me suddenly, and jerks his cock a few times. We lay there catching our breath as someone yells about time; if you do her again stick a sock in her mouth, trying to sleep over here…

I can hear his hips strike mine as he smacks down on me.

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My pussy is wet, as marshes Karelia, and a wonderful member of that brought me so much genuine happiness, begins to fall over and over again.

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But to my surprise, she was not in yet and she was undressing.

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I know almost everybody has fantasized having intercourse with his mother.

It was the same with me until that lucky day I had. I came home from school a few hours earlier for reasons that don’t really matter.

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I could see her through the gap between the door and frame. Her breasts were big and beautiful with her nipples pointing out.

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