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Greensborodating com

The apparatus — as simple as it sounds — is the only one of its type in the country, according to Jasper Hill.(Hay dryers are found in cheesemaking regions of Europe.)Hot air is blown into a room that holds 50 round bales of hay, each weighing about 650 pounds.Greensboro food and drink fans might drive by Jasper Hill on their way to the brewery.But twice a summer, the cheesemakers host visitors at an event called Pairings in the Pasture, a fundraiser for Lakeview Elementary School in Greensboro.“The cruel irony is that now that we’re making cheese, we hardly get to go to the lake.”A driving idea behind the creation of Jasper Hill Farm was "to have meaningful work in a place that we love with people that we love,” Kehler said.Making cheese is a mechanism by which the Kehlers can have an impact on their community, he said.We got better puppets."(Glover is the longtime home of artist Peter Schumann and his Bread and Puppet Theater.)Jasper Hill, founded and owned by brothers Mateo and Andy Kehler, is on a dirt road about two miles from the brewery.

They taste cheese and listen to stories about grazing and aging.The beer, the people, the landscape, come together to create an enjoyable experience, each aspect enhancing another, he said.“I’m having a great time and I’m loving it,” Cardona said.“I’ll be back.”Chris Smith, 26, is a conservation biologist in Long Island and graduate of the University of Vermont.Shaun Hill names a selection of his beers, the "ancestral series," for his relations.Perhaps the best known of these is Edward, an American Pale Ale named for Hill's grandfather.

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They sample beverages chosen to pair with certain cheeses, and watch cows walk to the pasture after their evening milking.

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