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Hans Suess (1955) discovered the industrial effect (also called after him) in the 1950's.A number of researchers found that the activity they expected from material growing since 1890 AD was lower.

The atmospheric radiocarbon signal has, in effect, been diluted by about 2%.

This apparent age of oceanic water is caused both by the delay in exchange rates between atmospheric CO2 and ocean bicarbonate, and the dilution effect caused by the mixing of surface waters with upwelled deep waters which are very old (Mangerud 1972).

A reservoir correction must therefore be made to any conventional shell dates to account for this difference.

Reservoir corrections for the world oceans can be found at the Marine Reservoir Correction Database, a searchable database online at Queen's University, Belfast and the University of Washington.

Human bone may be a problematic medium for dating in some instances due to human consumption of fish, whose C14 label will reflect the ocean reservoir.

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Plants which grow in the vicinity of active volcanic fumeroles will yield a radiocarbon age which is too old. (1980) measured the radioactivity of modern plants growing near hot springs heated by volcanic rocks in western Germany and demonstrated a deficiency in radiocarbon of up to 1500 years through comparison with modern atmospheric radiocarbon levels.

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