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When Kidman was only 23, the pair wed and by the time she was 27 they had adopted two children.

In 2001, after 11 years of marriage, they finalized their divorce.

This is the tale of Vorsannys Targaryen, the princess of the Flameborn.

If people think you are mentally insane..and paste this onto your profile..••) .•) .•.•) .•)(.• (.•~Pass the ribbon around if you know someone that has survived, DIED, or is living with cancer. What do you think when you see the person you like? A multi-chapter AU story where Ned told Catelyn the truth and raised him as Brandon's son, meaning she and Jon formed a mother-son relationship. The S6CS finished with Mary gestating a baby, while Henry and Tom are starting their business.

I'm going to do one about Mary Boleyn too, set to the same song, so look out for that.

Warning: For those of you who haven't already realised, "A Night time Wander" and "Finding a Queen's dignity" are exactly the same story, except since you can't post one story in two fandoms, I was forced to change the titles. The same will apply to the one about Mary Boleyn, which will be called either "Pining No Longer" or "Forgetting His Majesty" depending on where you read it. Update 15.6.10: I have just joined Fictionpress too, and I write under the same pen name, Lady Eleanor Boleyn.

Currently I am working on two stories - one about the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn through the eyes of her younger sister Eleanor, and one which allows Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn to have a happy ever after together - I think they deserve one, don't you?

In the meantime, I have written a One-shot for Merlin fans to check out, and a Two-shot for "The Other Boleyn Girl", "A Battle Between Two Sisters", having taken that scene where Anne calls Mary a whore after she has married William Stafford as my starting point.

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I have also written another two shot called "Stepmothers - Reflections of the Two Princesses upon the Remarriages of Henry VIII" about Mary and Elizabeth's reactions to each of Henry's remarriages to (in Mary's case) Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr.

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