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We emphasise that the promotion of VMMC for HIV prevention should not overshadow the promotion of existing methods of HIV prevention such as condoms and reduction of sexual partners.Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) has become an important aspect of HIV prevention strategies in Zimbabwe following its adoption in 2009 as an additional HIV prevention strategy.

Risky sexual behaviour was measured using four indicators as follows: Data was analysed in STATA using bivariate and multiple regression techniques.The role out campaign of VMMC follows findings that circumcision is efficacious in preventing HIV transmission among heterosexual men [].Given the low circumcision rate, previous studies have attempted to establish the acceptability of male circumcision as an HIV prevention strategy among men in Zimbabwe.Individual and household characteristics included in the analysis include age, level of education, religion, province and urban/rural residence.These background variables were considered in order to understand how willingness to get a circumcision varies across these factors.

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