Legal age dating pennsylvania

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Legal age dating pennsylvania

If you are in the military and Alaska is not your state of residence, you may still file in Alaska if you have been continously stationed at a military base or installation in Alaska for a minimum of 30 days.The state of Alaska recognizes both fault and no-fault grounds for divorce.Joint legal and joint physical custody is when both parents have joint legal custody and the child or children reside equally with each parent.Alabama’s child support guidelines apply in virtually every case, unless special circumstances are present.Child support will continue until the child reaches eighteen years of age, and may be extended through his or her secondary education.In order to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement, a party to a contested action may file a motion with the court requesting mediation any time within 30 days after a complaint or cross complaint is filed.

When making child custody decisions, one should keep the following factors in mind: • the needs of the child(ren); • ability and desire of parent to meet those needs; • the child’s wishes; • the bond between each parent and the child(ren); • length of time the child has lived in a particular environment; • desire and ability of the custodial parent to allow frequent contact between the noncustodial parent and the child, and to encourage a relationship with the other parent.There are no minimum residency requirements for the State of Alaska in order to initiate a divorce.Although there is no residency requirement, a party does need to be a resident of the State of Alaska, meaning that you do not need to have lived in the state for a certain period of time but that one party does need to live in the state.A long residency period may be required in a contested divorce if there is an issue of jurisdiction over children or an unwilling spouse.The divorce could be finalized as early as thirty days from the date of filing, if matters remain uncontested.

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(10) In favor of the husband, when the wife was pregnant at the time of marriage, without his knowledge or agency.