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“So much can be transmitted through how you look at someone and how you move around them.” Read More…“Women are keen observers, and without you even realizing it, your date will be taking in clues about who you are from the smallest details in your home, “ says Charlee Brotherton, top matchmaker and founder of Executive Matchmakers.To put yourself in a position where you are neither orchestra nor audience, that is to say, a unique figure, elevated on your own little platform, essentially telling everyone in the room what to do (you listen; you play) requires a rather particular set of personal characteristics that we probably traditionally associate with men, slightly crazy, arrogant, wild-eyed men.So here comes Alsop, who has already established herself as one of the world’s leading conductors with her work in Baltimore with the city’s Symphony Orchestra and her widely regarded performances with the São Paulo orchestra, with which she recently toured Europe to critical acclaim.CEO Charlee Brotherton, a veteran of the matchmaking industry, says “We’re very much like a headhunter would be for a business, but for someone’s love life,” she says.

In the early years of parenthood, it’s easy to forget to how important it is to keep the romance alive with time for just the two of you.

“What she’s looking for are signs of maturity and availability.” Read More…

You might think Silicon Valley’s tech entrepreneurs and executives at companies like Google would use online dating to find a partner.

Quite a few, according to Executive Matchmakers, a new Marin-based firm that is believed to be the first and only match-making service exclusively for men of means.

So in honor of the professionals who pair us up when we’re too busy to date,not finding quality matches, or choosing the wrong people again (and again), let’s celebrate the holiday with matchmakers’ best dating advice.

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