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She loved Brad, but now she was wondering if that was enough to make their marriage work. It had been a long time since Sarah had fantasized about a guy and this was no mere guy.

She sat in the bathtub amidst the bubbles, letting them cover her bare flesh and soak into her. It was the husband of one of one of the women she felt closest to in the world.

Jennifer hated the awkwardness she had felt between them.

It had been like they hadn’t known each other at all.

No, everyone, I think by now you know there is nothing sadistic about my actions. Sarah and Jennifer were still in New York City with Jewel headed their way and Love and Rose making their way across the country to join them.

As for Sarah and Jennifer, their fun came to a bit of a halt when, one early morning, Jennifer’s estranged husband, Brad, suddenly appeared at their hotel room asking Jen to give them another chance.With progress going so well on that front, Jaime allowed herself some play time and broke into Tara Reid’s house, taking the blonde as a prize. Feel free instead to go and watch the latest news from Iraq. Nothing in Jennifer’s life had been as hard as losing her husband, but thanks to her friends she had been able to keep going.And now that she had finally begun to adjust and move on without Brad, he had come right back to her life.Plus there was the growing shadow of Jaime Pressley looming. Just when she had adjusted to being a newlywed, Sarah, Love and Rose had hijacked her limo and opened her eyes to the wonders of female flesh.Having successfully tricked Alyssa into thinking she’d been seduced, Rose’s tormentor was inching closer to Malibu with the goal of taking Rose’s friends and breaking them to her twisted will in mind. If you need to review further, I suggest you actually go read the previous chapters at either Now for those pesky legalities. Unless of course you’re Hilary Duff, in which case the party’s just beginning. Seriously, if you’re under 18 you can’t read this story. It had then taken her so long to come to terms with the new desires she felt, but almost as soon as she had Brad had discovered her secret and had left her.

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“Hi,” Brad had said and he had handed her the flowers, which Jennifer had taken because she hadn’t known what else to do.

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