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Monthly charging dating agency in ukraine

Digital technologies are also changing the way that consumers pay for goods and services.

Retailing support services may also include the provision of credit, delivery services, advisory services, stylist services and a range of other supporting services.

As civilizations grew, barter was replaced with retail trade involving coinage.

It was first recorded as a noun with the meaning of a "sale in small quantities" in 1433 (from the Middle French retail, "piece cut off, shred, scrap, paring"). Archaeological evidence for trade, probably involving barter systems, dates back more than 10,000 years.Sometimes a shopping street has a partial or full roof to create a more comfortable shopping environment – protecting customers from various types of weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, winds or precipitation.Forms of non-shop retailing include online retailing (a type of electronic-commerce used for business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions) and mail order.Shopping generally refers to the act of buying products.Sometimes this is done to obtain final goods, including necessities such as food and clothing; sometimes it takes place as a recreational activity.

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In the Graeco-Roman world, the market primarily served the local peasantry.