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Dancy's Cal is currently running things out of upstate New York while the group's founder and "Guardian of the Light," Dr.

Steven Meyer, is in Peru (where the group has a retreat), allegedly writing the "last three rungs" of "The Ladder" — the spiritual system that Meyerism is built on.

Your tax-deductible gift at year-end to Family Policy Foundation will expand your impact on equipping statesmen and women, mobilizing pastors and churches, and shaping laws with well-crafted bills.

In the right hands, faith can be an intriguing thematic element in a storyline because of two prominent, intertwined sentiments that science and sociology say exist in many people: that they are hurting or lost in some way; and that they want to believe in something that can alleviate that pain, give them purpose or clarity. The emotional vagaries of faith and happiness are key elements there.

“We’ve had two [anniversaries] and I’ve remembered both,” he joked at the time.

She caused an uproar after admitting she makes a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood under Vice President Mike Pence's name.(If you're wondering, Goldberg has said that she didn't base the "Meyerism" on Scientology, instead crafting the fiction religion out of a number of other faiths, with an emphasis on what would attract a person in some kind of psychic pain, searching for help.) Shading is essential to .We can see that Cal really does believe in all the tenets, but also that he's becoming a megalomaniac and is twisting the movement to his whims.During an appearance on Conan last week, the Bad Moms star revealed she sends a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood in honor of the VP.The Vice President does not support the organization, as he opposes the aborting of the unborn, an act offered by PP.'As a reminder that there are women out there in the world that may or may not agree with his platform, I put him on the list of recurring donations that are made in his name to Planned Parenthood.

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