Park gyuri dating andorra dating site 2016

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Park gyuri dating

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The second half of 2016 will see Con Brio embarking on an ambitious international touring schedule.

here we go again.much about the evidence netizens dug up, but isn't the age of consent in korea is 14? she was not on legal age of drinking, driving, etc, but still.

IMO, the recent comments were from LOEN (taking tips from the KKS school of PR) to try and distract people from IU but clearly it ain't working."Netizens asked the pension manager she stayed at whether there were any group reservations in the winter of 2007 under Hara's name or any of her friends, and the manager replied that there weren't."The manager still remember his/her customers from 5 years ago???

Also this drama will air in september @ KBS2, and the funny is melodrama with the same title "secret love" with jisung, hwang jung-eum, & bae soo-bin also will air in september wed-thru.

i also love the 1st and the second despite Hara's lack acting skill but the story is good and the male is good actor too.! nicole is departing, so obviously the company would have thought of not showing any trace of her anywhere since there's no contract for her to have her face on tv, just like what ccm did with day by day's japanese mv I heard bae soo-bin will cast in this drama and will be paired with han seung-yeon.

The scandal starts with when Goo Hara was 17 years old [a minor], she updated her mini-homepage with a picture of her kissing her then boyfriend.

For their anniversary and her birthday, she uploaded a series of photos of what looks like a stay at a pension together.

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