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Releasing its trailer on International Women’s Day, Sony Pictures promoted Rough Night using the UN’s official Women’s Day hashtag.The film’s supposed to give a “feminist” gender flip to the dead stripper/prostitute-at-a-bachelor-party plot point.And while a gaggle of women let loose in Bridesmaids, Bad Moms and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, Rough Night is the first of these comedies co-written and directed by a woman.

Murders of prostitutes and strippers have fuelled the plots of movies since The Godfather Part II in 1974, and their corpses have provided fodder for comedy in Very Bad Things, Dirty Work, Tropic Thunder and Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back.“Maybe part of what feels ‘R’ about it is that it’s like R for realistic," she said. Maybe that’s the thing that is most shocking.” If the “real” women she knows in Hollywood think the disposable sex worker trope is LOLz and Black Lives Matter is all about them, then I’m glad I work in a strip club and not a writers’ room.In this piece above, in and of itself disjoined and scattered in it's message the following is presented: "Holtzclaw is the white Oklahoma City police officer who stalked and raped 13 Black women (a number of them sex workers) while on the job – another trial that Black Lives Matter activists brought to the public consciousness."How incredibly ironic this is.This scene, and the cognitive dissonance it engenders, is exactly what bourgeois feminism (also known as white feminism) looks like: the fears of privileged women are more important than the real experiences of other less privileged people, or their bodies.Holtzclaw never raped a rich white girl in a glass house on Miami beach, but even in jail he provides a good enough excuse for one such girl to assault someone (of course, accidentally).

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