Pros cons consolidating debt canada

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Contrary to popular belief, performance is not determined solely by the nature, scale, and disposition of resources, important though they may be.An army’s success depends at least as much on the quality of the decisions its officers and soldiers make and execute on the ground as it does on actual fighting power.In that case, the reorganization challenge is to structure the company so that its leaders can make decisions that produce more and better innovation over time.For most companies, this requires a fundamental rethinking of their approach to reorganization.A recent Bain & Company study of 57 reorgs between 20 found that fewer than one-third produced any meaningful improvement in performance.Most had no effect, and some actually destroyed value.And sixth, equip your managers to make decisions quickly and well.

First, be clear about which decisions are most important.Like generals, they see their job as putting the right collection of troops in the right places.If the battle is about innovation, for example, then the CEO’s duty is to create the best possible structure for channeling resources towards innovation.Reorganizations are popular with chief executives, who believe that making big structural changes will lead to better performance.But a Bain & Company study of 57 reorganizations found that most reorgs had no effect—and some actually destroyed value.

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Chrysler, for instance, reorganized its operations three times in the three years preceding its bankruptcy and eventual combination with Fiat.