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People are very willing to make multiple clicks, in fact that won’t even notice they are making the clicks, if they are getting the right amount of information at each click to keep them going down the path. Should I let the web site design influence whether I book a ticket? This time I’m headed for Portugal, where I plan to use the Portugal tourism site as a case study in my workshop!

Imagine that you’ve never seen an i Pad, but I’ve just handed one to you and told you that you can read books on it.

the estimate is that we handle 40,000,000 pieces of information every second, but only 40 of those make it to our conscious brains).

One mistake that web sites make is to give too much information all at once, like this web site from the Canadian government: There is no chunking here, there is not progressive disclosure. Feeding bits of information – The Portugal site was just OK when it came to progressive disclosure. The New Zealand tourism site has multiple levels of disclosure, feeding you the information bit by bit.

This is fancy term that is used in the field of psychology to refer to providing information in increasing chunks of size and complexity.

We can only handle so much — Humans can only process small amounts of information at a time (consciously that is…

If I hover over one of the regions in the list then I see a thumbnail of information: Continuing on with this idea of progressive disclosure, if I click on that region then I link to a page with more pictures and little more detail: There is a big map and there are tabs to go to for more information.

One of my favorite definitions is from Susan Carey’s 1986 journal article, “”, which says: “A mental model represents a person’s thought process for how something works (i.e., a person’s understanding of the surrounding world).

Mental models are based on incomplete facts, past experiences, and even intuitive perceptions.

A conceptual model is the actual model that is given to the person through the design and interface of the actual product.

Going back to the i Pad ebook example, you have a mental model about what reading a book will be like in the i Pad, how it will work, what you can do with it.

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It doesn’t matter how hard you try to not notice these 3 things in your surroundings, you will always notice them. You don’t necessarily have to do anything once you notice, for example, you don’t have to eat the chocolate cake when you see it, you don’t have to flirt with the attractive person who walked into the room, and you don’t have to run away from the large scary guy that walked in the room with the good looking woman.

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