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But it is absurd to believe that anti-white racism, practiced by people of color, remotely equates as a social problem to white racism against people of color. These benefits can be material (such as greater opportunity in the labor market, or greater net worth, due to a history in which whites had the ability to accumulate wealth to a greater extent than persons of color), social (such as presumptions of competence, creditworthiness, law-abidingness, intelligence, etc.) or psychological (such as not having to worry about triggering negative stereotypes, rarely having to feel out of place, not having to worry about racial profiling, etc.).While all racism is equally objectionable morally and ethically, they are not practically equivalent by a long shot. Operationally, white privilege is simply the flipside of discrimination against people of color.The concept is rooted in the common-sense observation that there can be no , so that if people of color are the targets of discrimination, in housing, employment, the justice system, or elsewhere, then whites, by definition, are being elevated above those persons of color.Whites are receiving a benefit, vis-a-vis those persons of color: more opportunity those persons of color are receiving less.Although I believe all persons are harmed in the long run by racism and racial inequity — and thus, white privilege comes at an immense social cost — it still exists as a daily reality throughout the social, political and economic structure of the United States.The fact that white privilege exists and that all whites have access to various aspects of it, does not, however, mean that all whites are wealthy, or that in competitions for jobs and other opportunities, whites will always win.By the same token, just because we choose to be antiracist, does not mean that we no longer carry around some of the racism with which we were raised, or to which we were and are exposed. Do you think people of color can be racist against whites?

Additionally, institutional racism involves denying persons opportunities, rewards, or various benefits on the basis of race, to which those individuals are otherwise entitled. White supremacy is the operationalized form of racism in the United States and throughout the Western world.Ultimately, there are no institutional structures in the U. in which people of color exercise final and controlling authority: not in the school systems, labor market, justice system, housing markets, financial markets, or media.As such, the ability of black and brown folks to oppress white people simply does not exist.In rallying the masses to support militarism and imperialism for the benefit of the wealthy — as with the war with Mexico, the conquest of Hawaii, the invasion of the Philippines, or several military adventures throughout the twentieth century — notions of racial superiority were regularly deployed to justify those actions undertaken for the benefit of international investment and the growth of capital. Well if racism and capitalism are linked in this way, isn’t the real issue economics?Doesn’t this mean that racism is just an extension of class oppression, and that only by ending class oppression or capitalism can we really hope to address racism? Even people of color who are not poor or working class face racism in housing, schools, the justice system, and the labor market.

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – AND THEIR ANSWERS (Updated, December, 2014) This page serves to provide answers to questions I am often asked, but which I may not have directly addressed in an essay or other blog post; or, alternately, to questions that I have addressed elsewhere, but which are so commonly asked that placing answers in a FAQ page makes sense. In short, racism is the belief that a particular race is (or certain races are) superior or inferior to another race or races.

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