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Key words: Butterfly, C2H Compiler, DFT, DMA, FFT Reference [1] Jayasumana, G. The cubes were crushed at 7, 28, and 48 days of curing. [4] BS1377; Part 2 (1990) Methods for Test of Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes, British Standard Institution. Ma , "Power system optimal reactive power dispatch using evolutionary programming," IEEE trans. Reference [1] Vicomsoft, "Knowledge share whitepapers wireless networking Q&A", Vicomsoft connect and protect, Jan 2003. According to the algorithm characteristics of DFT, FFT was brought in and decreased the time complexity to a very large extent. ,―Searching for the best Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithms‖ Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on ICASSP '87 , vol.12, pp. Four blocks each (150x150x150 mm) were cast at 0%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40% and 50% replacement levels. Specifications for Fly Ash and Raw or Calcium Natural Pozzolana for use as a Mineral Admixture in Portland Cement Concrete, ASTM C618-78. People were added to SDI because of their importance as the decision makers, and they make final decisions together with the people defined in the partnership component. Advances in Conceptual Modeling-Theory and Practice, 100.109. Without network infrastructure is known as ad hoc network is formed by mobile stations inside a restricted area which communicates without the need of access point [3]. Flow uniformity at the exit is more uniform for clockwise swirl at the inlet. 2] Bansod P, & Bradshaw P, Aeronautical Q, 23 (1972) 131-140. Menzies, ―Computational investigations of flows in diffusing S-shaped intakes‖, Acta Polytechnica , Vol. 4–5/2001 4] Anand R B, Lajpat Rai, Singh S N & Sharma,‖ Effect of the turning angle on the flow and performance characteristics of long S-shaped circular diffusers‖, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, JAE (Professional Engineering Publishing Ltd), 53 (2001) 239-252. The components of the SDI have been defined by Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC): Framework, Metadata, Standard, Partnership and Geo-data. An isotc 211 conformant approach to model spatial integrity constraints in the conceptual design of geographical databases. In Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Cartography and GIS, Nessebar, Bulgaria. Each node acts as a router in network and no fixed infrastructure for mobile nodes and there is no base station of it, forwarding data packets for other nodes [2]. The improvement is observed for both, clockwise and anti-clockwise swirl, the improvement being higher for clockwise swirl. Chunlin, "Performance evaluation and simulations of routing protocols in Ad hoc networks," Computer Communications, vol. The SDI has different components which work together to make the whole system function properly. Capacity Building for GIS and SDI in South East Europe. Key words: Distributed Database, FCK Editor, objective Assessment, Paint, Subjective Assessment Reference [1] S. [3] Olawale Adebayo & Shafi'i Muhammad Abdulhamid, "E- Exams System for Nigerian Universities with Emphasis on Security and Result Integrity", [4] Ghanashyam Rout1 & Srikanta Patnaik, "A Case Study on E-Examination in Universities of Odisha", IJIC, , Volume-1, Issue-2, 2011- 12, ISSN No: 2231 – 6965. Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) [1] is Mobile nodes that are communicated with each and every other hop using multi-hop wireless nodes. P.,‖ Embedded Web Server on Nios II Embedded FPGA Platform‖, ? The static pressure, total pressure, velocity and turbulence intensity were accounted. Abstract: Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) is the geographic data framework implementation of data, metadata, users and tools in terms of data infrastructure that are connected in interactive way to allow the flexibly and efficient use of the data. Our system will allow E-examinations to be taken securely under the supervision of invigilators and with subjective assessment in it, with instantaneous availability of results. [2] Naveed Azim, Imran Naqvi, & Kashif ur Rehman, " Online Examination System and ssessment of Subjective Expression", ICETC, April 17-April 20, Singapore. The curved diffuser considered in the present case has S-shaped diffusing duct having an area ratio of 1.9, length of 300 mm and turning angle of 22.5°/22.5°. Devaraj, Application of Genetic Algorithm to Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch including Voltage Stability Constraint Journal of Energy & Environment 4 (2005) 63 – 73 [5] K. As are sult, there arises a need for the compreh ensive performance evaluation of the ad-doc routing protocols in same frame work to under stand their comparative merits and suitability for deployment in different scenarios.

Mezzetti, Performance of a 10 k W power electronic interface for combined wind/PV isolated generating systems," in Proc. Scott Corson, "Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm (TORA) Version 1: Functional Specification", Internet draft, draft-ietf-manettora-spec-01.txt, August 1998. Generator terminal voltages, tap setting of transformers and reactive power generation of capacitor banks were taken as optimization variables. Key words: pozzolans, breadfruit stem ash, compressive strength, curing, sandcrete, partial replacement. The problem was designed as a Multi-Objective case with loss minimization and voltage stability as objectives. Key words: Effectiveness, Fins, Nusselt number, Reynolds number, Reference [1] G. Ellison, Thermal Computations for Electronic Equipment, 2nd ed., Van Nostrand Reinhold Corporation, New York, 1989 [2] A. [4] V PADMANABHAN, I P L PNG, Manufacturer's returns policy and retailer competion, Marketing Science, 16(1), 1997, 81-93. MPLS is an innovative approach in which forwarding decision is taken based on labels. Large operators have embraced multiprotocol label switching, deploying it in their backbone networks to enable a number of services and applications such as virtual private networks to just name one. Results are reported in terms of the variation of heat transfer coefficient and Nusselt number with the respect to Reynolds number. Bar-Cohen, Thermal Analysis and Control of Electronic Equipment, (Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, Washington, 1983). [2] W J HOPP, Fifty years of management science, Management Science, 50(1), 2004, 1-7. Experimental Technology and Management, vol.23, February, (2006). Contracting in suppy chains: alaboratory investigation, Management Science, 55(13), 2009, 1953-1968. Ortiz, "Optimal real and reactive power dispatch" Electric power system research, Vol. Abstract: A new standard for a new world of networking, MPLS is a forwarding mechanism based on Tag Switching.

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The numerical results are obtained by FLUENT code which uses standard discretization practices of spatial, temporal and convective derivatives in mass, momentum and energy transport equations. Bar-Cohen, Least-energy optimization of forced convection plate-fin heat sinks, IEEE Trans Components and Packaging Technologies 26 (2003) 62–70. Key words: Nash bargaining; newboy model; fairness preference; supply chain coordination; wholesale price contract Reference [1] J SPENGLER, Vertical integration and antitrust policy, Journal of Political Economy, 58(4),1950,347-352. Luo, Both theory and engineering practice to cultivate creative talents.