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James Lara — is notably absent from his 18-page CV, reviewed by It was unclear Friday whether the university would conduct any follow-up investigations into Lara or the process through which he was hired.

There are no reports of abuse committed during his time at ASU, the university said.

"It is important to note that all of the names posted on the Diocese of Brooklyn's website were passed along to the appropriate law enforcement agencies years ago," Carolyn Erstad, diocese spokeswoman, said.

"So while this is the first time they are being posted publicly, they were shared with law enforcement." Erstad said the diocese in June started an effort, called the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program, to provide financial compensation to abuse survivors.

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University officials on Friday — part of a long holiday weekend — were unable to confirm the veracity of his CV, officials said.

Administrators apparently did not know he spent nearly two decades as a priest, and Lara's time in active ministry — where he was known as Rev.

Garabedian said the alleged victims in this case against Lara are involved in settlement discussions.

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After being barred from the church in 1992, Lara began his career in teaching, first as a visiting professor of art and humanities in Colombia.

In 1995 he began working as an adjunct professor at Yale, where he gained recognition and was published extensively before his departure in 2009.

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