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I'm just a little disappointed that there's a little crime cases only. Actually this my first time posting a review/comments after watching many kdramas. I consider Doctor Stranger and Beautiful Mind as the two kdramas who really influenced and super really amazed me. I got confused who is the real murderer and I actually suspected Dr. Also the concept of the show is fresh and interesting but it could have been put on screen much better. Watching this drama has made me feel some type of way. As each week went by they kept delivering a better episode.:( But this drama made me confuse of what course will I take on college since I'm really amazed by Dr. The best kdramas that I watched is Beautiful Mind, Doctor Stranger, Reply 1988, Who Are You: School 2016 and She Was Pretty. The human brain, and it's regenerative powers, is still a mystery to us and having a sociopath as the main lead was very interesting me. In the beginning the story is very convoluted, the traffic cop's storyline is atrocious, so much so, that once that storyline is dropped and they get out of the hospital, it almost seemed like I was looking at different show. IMO the writers realised they couldn't write her well and dropped her from the main plot... I'm not one to follow the lemmings watching the other medical drama. I can't genuinely describe it but I know it has impacted me positively. Jang Hyuk's acting was very impressing throughout the whole drama.she became a simple love interest that exists mainly to further the leads development (which was fascinating enough to make make me lose sight of her so I didn't mind all that much). Maybe for the first few episodes it didnt show but in the end you will realized that they were the right person for the characters. Overall I wish this drama had more episodes but all good things must come to an end.Last and not least, there were some pretty annoying plot holes that I can't get into in detail as I don't want to spoil people. this drama is so underrated, i love jang hyuk's acting.. :) I'm crying bcoz I appreciate this drama SO MUCH... I genuinely recommend this drama it was really good and quite touching. I am not a huge fan of romance as it is but I really enjoyed the social commentary on the challenges faced by the very sick in Korea.This drama is a masterpiece and I loved every single minute. TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T WATCH THIS DRAMA, I SWEAR, YOU'LL LOVE IT! i watched a lot of kdramas but this was the best of all of them in my opinion, the story is unique and the acting was amazing and every episode was getting better, the ending was awesome, i felt a lot of emotions i cried and laughed a lot.It sure left a huge impression on me and Im sure I wont forget this one so easily. Mad respect on the actors (especially Jang Hyuk) I was confused on the intro (flashback) of episode 13 when the other doctor (the one who has wheel chair in the present) said that the results/images were changed and that Dr. But I really liked this drama despite the confusions. I can't explain anymore how much I loved this drama. I hope everyone will also like and love this the way I loved it. just in every drama u should wait till u get into the story and like it, this drama one of a kind It's not the best but the actors manage to sell it.I had my doubts with this drama being 14 episodes but despite the cut it never lost its quality.I got so captivated by the plot that Ive lost count on how many times I cried.

I love the story and I was always excited watching every episodes. I was so sad when I learned they cut it short from 16 to 14! I'm sure it'll be amazing, like everything he does. I believe that it is not recognized enough because it is aired alongside with Doctors.The dialogues were so so good, extremely meaningful and very human. I have watched doctors, ot was a good drama but this is waaaaaaaaay better.. A medical drama that dares to show us an unsympathetic lead character for nearly its entire duration and when it hits you with the truth,it is heartbreaking Beautifully filmed and impressively led by Jang Hyuk,this will make you question your everyday choices and the many things we take in our life for granted.Thanks to the writer, who wrote if u wants to find a good quality korean dramas, dont rely on rating to choose, So exactly. One of the dramas that i wish i can erase from my memory and rewatch it again. Surprisingly underrated (probably due to competition with "Doctors") . Not your usual drama but pays off beautifully in the end P. -I understand that have used the word "beautiful" a number of times but then, that is the feeling the drama leaves you with. This drama is by far better than doctors, in fact I would go as far to say that this drama is one of the best dramas I have ever seen.Anyway, the drama is entertaining and the chemistry between the leads is pretty good so it would be great for people who don't care all that much about details :) I'm currently watching episode 5, but i really don't find this drama so great as you say..police girl is really stupid, then It's nonsense that after so many death in the hospital there isn't a proper investigation..Lee Young-O is ok. I was sad that it Got cut off when it was such a good drama. thanks god ah in and jong suk decline, i'm not sure they can deliver the character like jang hyuk did. Great story, awesome acting especially Doctor Lee Young Oh, realistic medical situation,wonderful OST you name it.. Don't hesitate to watch this coz it's worth to watch.. I Think the story about the unique and genius doctor is good. Jang Hyuk is an excellent actor, but in this drama he left me SPECHLESS. In particular, the ruthless way the series approached the vulnerable position of the poor who cannot afford proper healthcare was a few notches above the typical sappy love story. I think this drama will get many fan in the future around the world.I keep on watching, but I don't like it very much... park so dam's act quite boring at first, but then it's getting interested. this drama doesn't have eye candy actor or actress like the doctor, but i love this drama due its story line. At first I'm an addict with a romcom kdrama but I started to shift to this kind of story. But I don't think the actress didn't match with the actor (Jang Hyuk) , he's too mature for her, which make the love line between them seems so awkward. It was riveting, engaging and one of the best dramas in 2016. Such a great acting..i really think he was the only actor who can play this role.. Sadly, I am afraid that it is precisely because this drama is much more sober and realistic (at least usually) than the norm that sealed its fate with the public. Especialy when now everyone give their full atention at drama "doctor" which lead by park Shin Hye. So, kbs will regret because of the episode reduction. Why in south korea their viewers is less than the others, so sad..

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I donr really understand why this drama was underrated.. I really don't understand why the rating is very low. The story itself is amazing, the chemistry between the leads are so good and add the power rangers are so funny ? For a Kdrama fan like me who watched over 100 KDramas, this is one on my "Must watch list".