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If you’re considering online dating apps because you want to speed up God’s timeline for your love life — which is moving a little slow for your tastes — don’t even bother with online dating.Not only is that wrong-minded view indicative of lack of faith (I’d know; I held that view), but online dating only gives the illusion of making dating easier.I consulted scripture and researched various views in the debate surrounding the use of dating services by Christians.On one side, there are those who oppose the use online dating because they believe it fosters a shallow dating process and betrays faith in God.Being able to see mutual connections, as well as receive my matches’ full names, provides enough information for me to be slightly confident my matches are not murderous psychopaths.

Then at further inspection, I found several *recent* pictures of the guy posing (drink in hand) in a hazy nightclub setting with scantily clad women.

Consequently, finding Christian men on the app is like a treasure hunt that’s not so fun.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned thus far from my brief foray into this crazy world off dating apps: Dating apps do not make dating easier.

The process for a creating a profile is simple and leaves room for honesty and creativity.

The app creators claim to use technology that match you with friends of friends, but I’m calling their bluff based on the overwhelming number of matches I’ve received with zero mutual friends.

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(Note: This post specifically addresses dating apps for smartphones, not traditional online dating websites.

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