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Then, when you need to do something more complicated, you’ll most likely find that there’s a built in and well documented way to do it.

There’s built in but the framework is structured so that it stays out of your way until you need it.

As much as I’ve wanted to do this, I just wasn’t able to get past the fact that it seemed like a decidely dick move to publish something that could conceivably result in someone’s servers getting hammered with bot traffic.

At the end of the day, Apple doesn’t really want you to torrent at all on i OS, but it’s still very possible with a few tricks.Even if I were to personally follow these rules, it would still feel like a step too far to do a how-to guide for a specific site that people might actually want to scrape.And so it remained just a vague idea in my head until I encountered a torrent site called Zipru.The Pointy Ball extension requires aggregating fantasy football projections from various sites and the easiest way was to write a scraper.When I think about it, I’ve probably written about 40-50 scrapers.

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If you’re interested in getting torrent data then just use the API; it’s great for that.

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