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I cannot count the number of times I rewatched the drama, and its specials, and movie.

Even Hanzawa Naoki, although I love it as it is, I think it would made a wonderful high quality Kdrama. Here are the most popular drama this Group Eight has produced ever, from the list on their website, and common knowledge of what is popular (for the demographic likely to be reading this post): 2006: Goong Based on a manhwa, this drama was incredibly slow paced and tear-out-your-hair frustrating.(Think: Dattebayo, in Naruto; Many many ones in Higurashi such as Nipah!by Rika, Gakkushi for Hotaru no Hikari; though some, like the last one, are not entirely meaningless) A key point of Nodame is her catchphrase-sounds, the most prominent of which is Gyabo!I couldn't stand even 5 minutes of the first episode, you know, that scene where Tamaki Hiroshi is just sitting thinking about his past and fate?My brain kept screaming "NO, NO you are not the perfect lovely Chiaki that I know, this is a disgrace!

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Ah, forgot to mention, I went back and read the manga too. The music adds so much to the experience, and it's just not the same without it.

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