Updating address on driving licence

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Updating address on driving licence

Under road transport legislation you are required to notify Roads and Maritime Services of any change of address.Roads and Maritime Services may disclose your personal information to other driver licensing and vehicle registration agencies, providers of compulsory third party (bodily injury) insurance to confirm that such insurance is current, proposed acquirers of vehicles, solicitors in regard to motor vehicle accidents, and inquiries relating to motor accidents or abandoned vehicles or which would be relevant to acquisition of any vehicle.

They'll update your vehicle registration and licence details, and post you new address labels within 7 days.

Service NSW may also disclose to Roads and Maritime Services any information obtained from you in connection with performing these customer service functions.

Roads and Maritime Services is collecting your personal information to process your notification of a change of address on Roads and Maritime Services records.

For details on the collection of personal information in this form please refer to the Access Canberra Information Collection Notice.

If you have questions about how your information will be handled please see the Access Canberra Privacy Policy or contact us.

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The labels can be stuck on the back of your licence card/Photo Card and any registration certificates.