Validating in visual basic

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Validating in visual basic

Therefore, if necessary, you must convert the return value of the input box when the user clicks OK. Click Dim str DOB As String str DOB = Input Box("Enter Student's Date of Birth", _ "Red Oak High School - Student Registration", _ "MM/DD/YYYY") If Is Date(str DOB) Then Msg Box("The student was born on " & CDate(str DOB). Here is an example: Private Sub btn Message_Click(By Val sender As System.

Here is an example: When an input box displays, it presents a request to the user who can then provide a value.It is also your responsibility to find out whether the user typed a valid value or not.Because the Input Box() function returns a string, it has no mechanism of validating the user's entry. Information, _ "Red Oak High School - Student Registration") Else Msg Box("You provided an invalid value", _ Msg Box Style. ajoute également le support multi-écran au sein de l'IDE pour une meilleure lisibilité de l'interface.Enfin, le nouvel IDE de Microsoft intègre une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui rend invisible les options peu fréquemment utilisées afin de facilité l'accès aux plus couramment employées.

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To support this, the Input Box() function is equipped with the third argument as a string.

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